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Honey comb Grass pavers

Honey Comb Grass pavers

Honey Comb Grass Pavers

  • Instant lawn with minimum labour and effort
  • Interlocking modules facilitate replacement of damaged lawn portions with fresh modules
  • Takes more than 9500 Kg load per sq. feet. Hence it is suitable for light and heavy vehicular traffic as well as foot traffic.
  • Enables youto attend to subsurface service lines without digging and again waitingfor newly laid lawn to take up. Just pick the modules, attend to the joband replace the modules without leaving any tell-tale signs.
  • High-density recycled and UV rays-stable polythene (PE-HD)



Dimensions : 50cm X 43 cm X 4.5 cm 

( 5 Piece = 1 Sq. mtr ) 

Weight : 1 kg 

Colour : Green 

Strength : Load bearing capacity of 9500 kgs per sq. feet. 

Ultra Violet rays (UV) Stabilized



Ideal for Drive ways 

Car Porch 

Car Parks 

Podium Gardens 


Film Studios 

Lawn Parties 

Terrace Gardens 

Landscape Gardens 

Green Roofs

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